Clients have direct access to the airfreight rate database.
WBS clients comply with the below requirements.
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Terms & Conditions

1. Conditions

WBS clients accept that on all forwarding activities the Dutch Forwarding Conditions, latest version, are applicable. On the actual transport the Airlines' Conditions of Carriage are applicable.

2. Security at Schiphol

In case of Airfreight, only 'Secured Cargo' can be delivered to the Airlines. If consignments originate from Unknown Shippers, all cargo must be scanned prior to delivery. WBS has its own scan-equipment. Scanning is always necessary for Personal Effects!
The scan fee of euro 10,00 per consignment + 0.10 per kilo is included in the published Airfreightrates. Prior to sending, shippers with a registration at the EU Database for Regulated Agent and Known Consignor may request for a rebate.

3. Customs Authorization

For consignments outside the European Union, you automatically give us authorization to issue an export customs document on your behalf. WBS will only act as intermediate, you will stay directly responsible for Customs.

4. Payments

All airlines require prior payment of the freightcharges, or at least a guarantee. In effect every consignment leaving Schiphol Airport has already been paid for. Therefore WBS requires prior payment from its clients as well. Under conditions, a certain extend of credit may be granted.

If you agree with the above, you can apply for a Log-in accesscode (to preview the rates) and for an Account number (to facilitate easy bookings).




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